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Прогноз погоды в г. Москва

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A trip to Russia ?
Business trip ?
A visit to your friends in Russia ?


Do not look any further, EUROFAMILY SA 

is the agency you need for preparing your stay in Russia 


Relaxation, rest, culture, discovery, family, friends, 

for work, for a week, for a weekend … there will be something 

for everyone!


Our services:

  • Sending an invitation (business and / or tourist) to obtain a visa for Russia.
  •  Registration procedure.
  • Sending of insurance certificate.
  • Lodging at the best value for money: hotel rooms, apartments or home stays
  • Connection with interpreters and potential partners.
  • Reservation of hotels and flats
  • Ideas for hollidays and weekends
  • Sporting and corporate events
  • Homestay accomodation
  • Transfer (individual / group):

• airport-accommodation-airport,
• railway station-accommodation-station

  • Organization of guided tours in English and / or  French or Russian
  • Business trips
  • Luxury tours
  • Russian language courses
  • Concierge services
  • Pilgrimage
  • Gastronomic school of russian kitchen
  • Booking:

• airline tickets
• train tickets
• tickets for theater / concert / circus


About us
EUROFAMILY SA (lic. PTO000550) is a travel agency, tour operator, member of the Association of Tourist Agencies of Russia, present in the professional field since 1998. Large companies like Winoa, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, CREF, News-Frontiers, Russia Otherwise, Pouchkine Tour, World Without Borders, Europe Assistance, Ecole des Roches etc have given us their confidence by becoming our partners.

Contacts :
Eurofamily SA – tour operator from 1998
50A/5  Bolchaya Nikitskaya Street
office 43-44
121069 Moscou Russia

Tel : + 7 (495) 6901810
Fax: +7 (495) 6917471




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Eurofamily has prepared for you a list of the most visited destinations in Russia, with a selection of hotels for each city.
Combine, delete or add new destinations and create the journey you dream of!


  • Trip around Moscow, Veliki Novgorod and St. Petersburg
  • Moscow, the capital of Russian Federation. You have always dreamed about walking in the red square and to discover this very famous city? So this program is for you ! with visits to the Kremlin, the Novodievichi Monastery, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretiakov Gallery and an excursion to Sergiev Posad (visit of the monastery of the Trinity and St.Sergius)   

  • St. Petersburg the old capital of Russia and of the Tsar. Hoz can we describe this famous city to make you imagine this magnificient city? I guess the best is for you to go! You will see the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage Museum, the Peterhof Palace, the Pushkin Apartment and Museum and an excursion to Tsarskoie Selo.

  • Baikal LakeHere you will be able to see this incredible lake, to walk around or to ride bycicle or to travel with the famous train Transiberian, with an impressive view of what Russia has the most beautiful to show you. You will be able also to visit some famous city such as Irkoutsk, Lystvianka or Ulan Ude. If this trip is make tired of walking, don’t worry ! You will have the possibility to relax in Russian’s bania.

  • The Transiberian between Moscow and Vladivostok in this famous train. I guess there is no better way to see the real Russia than living this experience. And don’t worry! In your way there will be also trip to some famous city such as Perm,Ekaterinburg, Irkoutsk and of curse Moscow.

  • Komchatka, if you have ever dreamed to discover something incredible and fully being in the nature, so this is for you ! Here you will see lakes, volcanos and few cities like Paratunka and some traditionals villages.

  • Ouzbekistan : For you, Russia is not that exotic ? You’re looking for something more ? So take a plan wit \h us and let’s go together to discover this country. The first thing I can say, it’s a lot to discover there and wathever you like. If for you, a trip is for discovering the istory and the cultur of a country, so for sure, the cities Boukhara, Samarkand or Khiva will be your top destinations. But, if you’re an adventurer, so you will love also to walk around the moutains or to travel to the Aral sea !

  • Carelia : You like the cold and the north ? You wish you could be away from the civilisation and the pollution of our cities ? So let me say you will love Carelia between it forests, lakes, rivers or traditionals villages where you will be able to discover an old culture of the natives !


Invitations/Visas /Registrations

As a professional tourist agency, Eurofamily is able to provide you a tourist and business invitation. We promise to reply as soon as possible.

As a professional agency, Eurofamily will guide you during your steps to prepare in detail your trip to Russia. The first step is to have a passport. To obtain it, you just have to go to the town hall of your city and ask for it. Do not wait until the last minute because it can take a long time.
EU citizens must possess a visa required for entry into Russia. To obtain your visa, in addition to a passport, you must have an invitation (document that allows obtaining the visa), which can be provided to you by our agency.
Appointments to the Russian embassy or consulates abroad are your responsibility. However, if you cannot visit one of the three Russian visa centers in France (Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg), our partners in Paris can go for you.

Touristic invitation
To request a tourist invitation, please contact us by email, phone or directly via our website.
email : / phone : +7 (495) 690 18 10

Business invitation
To request a business invitation, please contact us by mail: or by phone: 
+ 7 (495) 690 18 10

Once in Russia you will have to register yourself. According to the legislation, if you are traveling at least 7 working days in Russia (excluding Saturday and Sunday), you must be registered. To register you must present yourself to the agency that provided the invitation. If we have given you the invitation, we can register you for 900 rubles or 15 euros (depending on the current price).